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6. Electroacoustic and audiovisual Concerts “Digital Creativity and Contemporary Music”, March 2011, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Dates: 17-18th, March 2011, 3 evening concerts
Location: ZKM_Kubus and ZKM_Musikbalkon, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Organized as: part of the AMBIANT Creativity meeting #3
Supported by: the project AMBIANT Creativity

Three concerts have been organized during the “Digital musical composition” event of the AMBIANT Creativity project, in parallel to workshops, symposium and a round table discussion. Each of the concerts allowed an artistic approach to three topics that are important in Art, and particularly in Music, in regards to the possibilities and changes related to new technology.

  • 1. Interactive creativity and Music performance : The concert “interactive Creativity, has been designed in collaboration with pianist Sebastian Berweck, and  allowed to illustrate the fundamental changes of the notion of musical performance, and of the role of the performer, with contemporary art employing today’s technology.
  • 2. Sound spatialization: The concert “Spatial Creativity” explored possible uses of spatial sound cues in music, as a new aspect of music to compose. This focus was made possible thanks to the ZKM Klangdom, a cutting edge technology for sound spatialization and sound immersion installed in the ZKM Kubus concert hall, and made of a dome of high quality loudspeakers. The Klangdom, controlled with the Zirkonium software, is an instrument operated by the composer himself, allowing to play with sound spatialisation (position, width of sound sources) and the room acoustic with a compositional approach
  • 3. Audiovisual creativity: The concert “Audiovisual Creativity” aimed at showing new artistic works mixing Music and Vidéo.


> Download complete program notes (PDF)

Interactive Creativity with Sebastian Berweck - Thursday, march 17th 2011 8 pm
Giacinto Scelsi,  Aitsi, for amplified and distorted piano, 7’, 1974
Johannes Kreidler, Slot Machines, for piano and Mp3-Player, 8’, 2009
Enno Poppe, Arbeit, for virtual hammond organ, 13’, 2007
Terry Riley, Keyboard Study #1, for keyboard and video, 18’, 1966
Ludger Brümmer, Move, for piano, live-electronics and video, 17’30’’, 2006

Spatial Creativity - Friday, march 18th 2011, 8 pm
Claude Cadoz, Gaea, by means of Physical modeling sound synthesis, 7’59”, 2007
Omer Chatziserif, UNDERLAKE, Acousmatic music, 9’11” , 2010
Damian Marhulets, Displaced Meanings: 8 ½ Bits, Audiovisual Performance for Turntables and Live-Electronics, 15’, 2009/2011
Iannis Zannos , Osmosis, Live-Performance for SuperCollider and Zirkonium, 15’, 2011
Jérôme Bertholon, Variation sur des ruines, Acousmatic music, 6’, 2004
Jérôme Bertholon (E-Guitar), Damian Marhulets (Electronic Percussion), Omer Chatziserif (Live-Processing), AMBIANT Trio (Improvisation Set), Performance

Audiovisual Creativity (night concert) - Friday, march 18th 2011, 10 pm and midnight
DJ-Sets by dj deepthought
Bernard Parmegiani, Jeux d‘artifice, 15’
Ludger Brümmer, Le temps s‘ouvre, 18’
Robert Darroll / Kiyoshi Furukawa, Moé's Field, 10’
Ludger Bru¨mmer, Opus II, Etüden zu Walter Ruttmanns Film, 3’
Elena Kats-Chernin, Smash, 8’
Damian Marhulets, DJ Set: Hysterical Breakbeat Show
Lo-Pop Diamonds, Hysterical Beats, Obscure Grooves